Competitive advantage

Over the course of their more than fifty years’ activity, Grimeca have developed manufacturing technologies in the field of steel and aluminium components, which bring competitive advantages to customers’ projects, while ensuring low costs, stable and repeatable production cycles and the achievement of safety and performance targets of the project.

This is the case of light alloy aluminium motorcycle components, for which Grimeca technology, compared with standard production cycles, allows for a strong simplification of some production phases or even for the elimination of some phases of the cycle itself.


Collaboration projects and supplying specialised high-tech industry sectors

Grimeca has built a reputation as a reliable partner through the years. During collaboration projects and supplying specialised high-tech industry sectors, we demonstrated our capability to manufacture a broad variety of top-quality products.


Ongoing technology research work

We carry on ongoing technology research work and are committed to developing new manufacturing systems and high-performance materials. Regular reviews of our organisational models enable us to continuously fine-tune our flexible industrial processes and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.


Human capital investments and team work

This is the one factor that makes a difference.

Our focus on human capital investments is one of our distinguishing features. Promoting team work is our way to achieve the most challenging goals.