Grimeca works alongside its client supporting it directly with its customers.

A manufacturing company with high growth potential is our ideal customer, as it can take full advantage from Grimeca' s technical and technological support. In fact, on behalf of our client, we’re able to relate with engineering departments, creating projects in co-design and providing prototypes and samples as well as tests for approval of sampling; then, once the project has been defined, Grimeca can support its client, who will have the possibility to access in a short time to a reliable and high capacity production: Grimeca' s support will also include the supply of equipment as well as all necessary training of workers and coaching in the on-site production start-up. Therefore, Grimeca unit, that has been so far merged in TMB S.p.A., will act as an autonomous division since last September 2014 and will be geared toward its new mission.

  • not only define, design , sample and test the components for the two-three wheelers,
  • but also provide the main motorcycle manufacturers and their international suppliers with all the equipment (tools, jigs, fixtures and machinery as well), to start, in a reduced time and with well-defined costs, a reliable and robust mass production process;
  • production and supply can also temporarily or steadily come from the TMB’s plants located in Italy, this being the case.